Talking on the world, clan, and allies chat can be fun and rewarding. The image to the left depicts private chat between two players.

World ChatEdit

World chat is the largest communication method in Kingdoms At War. There are several (3) different World Chats that players are automatically entered into based upon the region of the world they play from. part of europe,western ( the americans) and assa It is not possible to switch world chats within the game itself.

It is important to remember that when talking on the world chat everyone can see what you say, and if you say the wrong thing you can get farmed, or even banned from the game if you say something really bad.

The cost to speak on the world chat is 1 speaker item.

  • You can purchase speakers in the market for one nobility point each. iDevice and Android users receive 5 speakers per day free of cost..
  • Derogatory comments or those that bypass the profanity filter may get the poster silenced for an amount of time (dependent on the offense and previous offenses by the player). This silence only applies to World Chat and player walls (silenced players are still able to post in clan chat and in private message)
  • Spamming the World chat can also lead to the player getting 'silenced'. This means posting the same or similiar message on world chat more than three times within two minutes

To access world chat click on the little speech bubble on your homepage to talk.

Clan chatEdit

  • Is a group chat for players within the same clan.
  • Clan chat content is filtered but is usually not subject to moderation (meaning bypasses will not result in silencing of the player)
  • Does not require speakers to use

Private chatEdit

  • Is when you follow someone (click on player profile and click follow) and they follow you back, then you can chat without anyone seeing except you and your friend.
  • Similiar to 'Personal Message' (PM) in other games.
  • Wall post is when you click on player profile then wall then you can post on their wall. This is, however, visible to any player who visits your wall.

World AnnouncementsEdit

World Announcements are visible to all KaW players.

It Costs 26 Speakers to announce a message for 15 minutes. Depending on the amount of messages being Announced, there can be a waiting time before your message is displayed.

Ally chatEdit

  • Is a private chat visible only to the allies owned by the player and the player's owner. Note: If Player A owns allies 1 and 2, allies 1 and 2 cannot see what another is saying.
  • Does not require speakers to use
  • It is possible to create a 3 person private chat - if Player A owns Player B, Player B owns Player C, and Player C owns Player A.