Epic Battles are large quests in which clans can participate. Epic battles consist of objectives which members within a clan complete by attacking, performing spy actions, or using items (some epic battles require one, two, or all of these). Large amounts of gold can be obtained by completing epic battles as can be equipment that gives large, permanent stat boosts. Epic battles can last up to sixteen hours, depending on the epic battle's difficulty, and the skill of the participants. A list of epic battles can be found below, in ascending order by difficulty.

  1. Calydor the Depraved
    1. Warbeasts
    2. Cover of Night
    3. Kingdom Assault
    4. To the Chamber
    5. The Depraved
    6. Revenge of the Warbeasts
  2. Z'uthmerak of Despair
    1. The Awakening
    2. The Despair
    3. The Forgotten Ones
    4. The Reckoning
  3. Usaris the Troll King
    1. The Abandoned Kingdom
    2. Foreign Territories
    3. Battle Royale
    4. Origins
  4. Thorak the Destroyer
    1. Evanescence
    2. No Mans Land
    3. Ambush
    4. The Destroyer
  5. Apheriun of Exile
    1. The Haunting
    2. No Quarter
    3. City of the Dead
    4. Figure of Death
    5. Haunting: The Escape
  6. Hawthorn the Wretched
    1. Talons of Carnage
    2. New Growth
    3. Scionic Storm
    4. Sporavek's Revenge
  7. Moutos the Malevolent
    1. The Barren Orchard
    2. Terrain Travails
    3. Crossing the Threshold
    4. The Cave of Riches
    5. The Gilded Lord
  8. Skorpios the Deathstalker
    1. Storm the Palace
    2. The Viper's Den
    3. Desert Sting
    4. A Cold Calling
  9. The Vanished Paladins
    1. The Vanished Paladins
  10. Jorathe the Silver
    1. The Frozen City
    2. Wasteland Wilds
    3. Glacial Squall