Allies are a good investment that will help you get more money and more attack, defense, spy attack, and spy defense.

What Do Allies Do?Edit

Allies are other players in the game that you can purchase, with the right amount of money, to help your kingdom in KaW.

  • Allies boost your stats.
  • Allies give you more gold when you win in a fight against another player. (Although allies don't give you more money when you successfully spy on a person, if we all give feedback stating that we would like them to change that then the change will probably come soon!)
  • Allies can also talk to you through the allies chat section. (This does not cost a speaker item.)

Best Kind of AlliesEdit

The best allies are cheap and give good stat bonuses for their cost.

I have found great allies at the price range of 10 - 50m, they are not too pricey, and not too weak! (This may be out of date as ally prices are always changing)